PayPal collaborates with Samsung to improve mobile and in-store shopping experience

Nurdianah Md Nur

The new Samsung Galaxy S5 will soon come with a biometric feature that enables users to login and shop with any merchant that accepts payments through their customers' PayPal accounts for purchases made on their mobile phones or in their stores-with just the use of their fingerprints.

"With this fingerprint authentication feature, we eliminate the need for consumers to remember another password...[they] can instead pay with just one simple swipe of a finger," said Lawrence Chan, Vice President of Asia Pacific Merchant Services and General Manager of Southeast Asia and India, PayPal. Consumers will thus benefit from a more "secure and seamless mobile and in-store shopping experience," he added.

According to a joint press release from PayPal and Samsung, PayPal offers a secure wallet in the cloud that does not store personal information on the device. When a customer pays via the new biometric feature, the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Ready software on the Galaxy S5 securely communicates between the fingerprint sensor on the smartphone and PayPal's service in the cloud. The only information on the device shared with PayPal is a unique encrypted key that enables PayPal to verify the identity of the consumer without needing to store any biometric information on PayPal's servers.

This new biometric feature will be available on the Samsung Galaxy S5 in 26 markets globally from this April.