Weve partners with Proxama to bring loyalty service to mobile payments

Derek du Preez

Mobile wallet and payments solution, Weve, has partnered with Promaxa to bring personalised and location-based loyalty schemes to the service.

The UK's three largest mobile operators - Vodafone, EE and O2 - began collaborating on the development of Weve last year, with the aim of providing a comprehensive advertising platform and near-field communications (NFC) enabled payments system.

Weve will allow users to pay for goods by tapping their smartphone on an NFC point of sale device at retailers.

By partnering with Proxama and using its TapPoint technology Weve will introduce 'Pouch', which will deliver 'context aware' offers to customers using the mobile wallet. The system will use analytics based on the consumer's recent activity and interests, as well as location based services, to deliver offers to their mobile phone.

Proxama's TapPoint platform uses a combination of NFC, QR codes, Bluetooth Beacon and other proximity marketing technologies.

Sean O'Connell, Director of Product at Weve commented: "We think there is tremendous scope to change loyalty for the better, particularly in the physical world.

"At Weve, we believe that interactions between consumers and retailers will be increasingly mediated through mobile devices, but you have to crack the POS as well as the consumer experience."

He added: "Our initial trial with EAT and our forthcoming work with Proxama has the potential to bring mobile loyalty at scale to consumers and retailers."

Weve also recently announced that it would be partnering with Mastercard to help speed its adoption as a contactless mobile payments platform.