Epicor promises 'smooth and easy GST compliance path' for Malaysian companies


Craig Charlton - Epicor  modified 

Photo - Craig Charlton, General Manager - Asia Pacific Operations, Epicor Software.


Enterprise resource planning systems provider Epicor Software has assured Malaysian companies of smooth compliance path with the new Goods and Services Tax (GST), which was announced late last year as part of the Budget 2014 proposals.

Epicor Software's general manager, Asia Pacific Operations, Craig Charlton said existing and new companies will find that Epicor's enterprise resource planning [ERP] solutions are already configured with this tax functionality,

 "Our existing customers as well as new customers are assured of a completely smooth and easy implementation of the Malaysian GST when it comes into force in 2015," said Charlton. "All this means no extra work for their accountants and customers can start using the GST feature from Day One."

"While there are significant anxieties among Malaysian companies in the run-up to 2015, transitioning to GST with our ERP system is so simple that our customers can even do it themselves with a set of instructions provided by us," he said.

Charlton said some of the key features in Epicor ERP's systems that relate to Malaysian taxation include:

- Recording and reporting of input and output GST
- Claim back of GST on invoices
- Automatic reporting for Government GST Returns
- Creation of GST Audit File
- To further facilitate the transition, Epicor will provide a setup file for GST codes, a tool to create the GAF file, and a format for tax reporting that creates the GST report.

He said Epicor ERP is already being used in 100 countries and helps companies meet various tax regimes including Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore where Epicor fully supports the GST compliance there.

With Epicor Support Asia Headquarters based in Kuala Lumpur, Epicor customers are fully supported by more than 80 applications, technology and industry experts locally, added Charlton.