52% Malaysians expect telco breach in next 12 months: Unisys study


Dr Amirudin, CEO Cybersecurity Malaysia Photo - Dr Amirudin Abdul Wahab, CEO Cybersecurity Malaysia

Social media monitoring

The other key survey finding was that the Malaysian public showed some level of comfort with some organisations monitoring social media depending on the intended purpose, he said, adding that when respondents in Australia and New Zealand were asked, there was some interesting differences.

Kendall said that 71 percent of Malaysians surveyed support monitoring social media to identify public issues or concerns, such as to inform governments about local needs or problems. And 65 percent are comfortable with such monitoring to help evaluate job candidates for positions of trust such as teachers or carers. Nearly six in ten Malaysians also support such monitoring to detect possible terrorist activity.

"Malaysians recorded higher comfort with social media monitoring overall than Aussies and Kiwis," he said. "This reflects a very forward thinking attitude among Malaysians regarding the potential roles and benefits of social media when analysed by trusted organisations for the benefit of the specific end user or society as a whole."

"For example, Malaysians are twice as comfortable with social media monitoring for marketing and advertising purposes than their Aussie and Kiwi neighbours. This could be because Malaysians are some of the most avid online shoppers in the world and so are more open to their online identities being analysed for targeted advertising and personalised offers," Kendall said.

"Yet even if Malaysian consumers currently have high trust in organisations to protect their data and are comfortable with their social media being monitored for various purposes, this trust is fragile and Malaysian organisations must be clear about why they collect data and how they will protect it, if they want to retain this trust," he said.

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