Another step against cross-border cyber crime, says CyberSecurity Malaysia


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Photo - Dr Amirudin Abdul Wahab, CEO, CyberSecurity Malaysia.


National infosecurity specialist CyberSecurity Malaysia has signed a memorandum of agreement with the Australian Government Computer Emergency Response Team [CERT AUSTRALIA] recently, which signals another move forward in the fight against cross-border cyber crime, it said.

CyberSecurity Malaysia chief executive officer Dr Amirudin Abdul Wahab said the memorandum of agreement [MoU] will also enhance bilateral ties between the two countries while supporting efforts to counter cyber crime with increased sharing of incident details, new threats and best practices against the increase of cyber crime.

"We had successfully marked yet another significant milestone in making cyberspace more reliable, dependable and trustworthy," said Dr Amirudin.  "The MoU is an inaugural bilateral effort of both parties on a framework for operational collaboration on cyber security domain."

"The five-year agreement has laid out plans for collaborations and partnerships focused on establishing and strengthening collaborative efforts related to cyber security and computer emergency response in mitigating cyber-crimes," he said.

"This MoU is essential for CyberSecurity Malaysia and CERT AUSTRALIA in exploring the potential initiative for mitigating cross-border cyber-crime matters.  Furthermore, this agreement has enabled the exchange of information and strategies for effective cyber security incident response towards mitigating cyber threats," said Dr Amirudin.

He said both signatories have agreed to establish channels for the exchange of information, which includes the exchange of delegation and appropriate visits.

"The establishment of cross-border incident handling, cyber security projects and the exchange of threat responses will result in more effective cyber security incident responses," said Dr Amirudin, adding that the move also promotes cooperation in field technology research, development and innovation in the ICT area of security.

CyberSecurity Malaysia operates the country's CERT, known as the Malaysia Computer Emergency Response Team (MyCERT) and holds the permanent secretariat position for the organisation of CERTs among the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries or OIC-CERT.

CyberSecurity Malaysia also sits in the steering committee of the Asia Pacific CERT (APCERT). CyberSecurity Malaysia co-founded both OIC-CERT and APCERT.

At present, CyberSecurity Malaysia is the chair of the World Trustmark Alliance, which consists of 30 members from all over the world.

CERT AUSTRALIA is the national computer emergency response team (CERT) of Australia and they are the single point of contact for cyber security issues affecting major Australian businesses. The CERT is part of the Federal Attorney-General's Department, with offices in Canberra and Brisbane.