Cyber security is failing, but APJ companies feel they are well-equipped

Zafirah Salim

To put things into perspective, Kok cited the concept of immunisation as an analogy to the visibility-analysis-action strategy. For instance, if you take an immunisation shot for Hepatitis B, it will only protect you from that certain virus. Other viruses can still come and attack you, warned Kok. This is the same as failing to detect the bad guys on your network despite implementing preventive technologies.

"After detecting this virus, you need to analyse what exactly is bogging your body system so that you can take necessary action. This can be as simple as checking your temperature to see if it's normal," said Kok. "Once you have confirmed this anomaly, you need to think of ways to address this issue. In this case, maybe taking antibiotics or steroids can help resolve this medical issue. You need to take decisive action at the right time to stop the bad from happening."

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