Data recovery expertise from South Korea will help Malaysia


(new) Dr Amirudin Abdul Wahab CEO CyberSecurity Malaysia modified 

Photo - Dr Amirudin Abdul Wahab, CEO, CyberSecurity Malaysia


National security specialist CyberSecurity Malaysia has signed a two-year technical partnership with data recovery specialists Myung Information Technologies of South Korea [MIT Korea] and Myung Inovasi Terkini [Myung Malaysia] for its MyCyberSecurity Clinic.

The agreement was recently signed in South Korea as part of a visit by Malaysia's deputy minister of Science, Technology & Innovation, YB. Datuk Dr. Abu Bakar bin Mohamad Diah, said CyberSecurity Malaysia's chief executive officer Dr Amirudin Abdul Wahab.

Under the tripartite agreement,  MIT Korea and Myung Malaysia have agreed to provide CyberSecurity Malaysia with their respective portions of technical services; consultancy services; technical & management support services; and training services.

Dr Amirudin said MyCyberSecurity Clinic [MyCSC] is an initiative by CyberSecurity Malaysia to bring trustworthy and convenient digital forensic services such as data recovery and data sanitization as well as consultancy to government agencies, private companies and to the public. 

In the 10th Malaysia Plan (RMK10), two areas that are vital for MyCSC operations have been identified, namely technical capability for data recovery, and the repair of hard disks, he said.

MyCSC will develop into a chain of entrepreneur-managed service centres with the objective of helping those in need to recover their information assets from damaged hard drives, said Dr Amirudin. "Members of the public and businesses that suffer data loss will be able to visit the nearest clinic, handover their damaged drive, and receive their recovered data soon afterward."

He said that Malaysia will benefit from the transfer of technology, information and know-how from Korea under the technology partnership agreement, whereby MIT Korea and Myung Malaysia agreed to supply CyberSecurity Malaysia with all relevant technical information as may be required to enable CyberSecurity Malaysia to internally carry out the data recovery and hard disc repair services and to optimise CyberSecurity Malaysia's risk management processes.

Malaysia, through CyberSecurity Malaysia shall be free to retain and use the Technical Information and any ideas, concepts, techniques and know-how obtained in the course of the two-year, renewable partnership, he said.

 Both business and personal data will benefit

"In this digital age we keep our data in digital format, be it an important business data or a personal one such as memorable photos from past family vacations. Loss of data can bring not only inconvenience but also stress and huge emotional implications to the owner of data," said Dr Amirudin. "Hence, data recovery is sometimes called a lifesaver because of its significance in retrieving vital information assets for a business or an individual."

"With Myung, we have found a friend that understands how important it is for CyberSecurity Malaysia to provide the Malaysian public and organisations with advanced data recovery technology and techniques," he said. "With more than 300,000 recovered hard drives, Myung has the technical sophistication and market reaches that we would want to emulate in Malaysia."

"As our capacity to capture more data grows, our desire to save that data grows as well," said Dr Amirudin. "We want to keep our conversations with friends and relatives through WhatsApp and email; save work related communications within our new lean and flat teams; and access organisational or technical knowledge that is only available digitally. Every activity that we pursue seems to lead to a digital footprint that is worth keeping forever. But forever is a long time. It is inevitable that at one point or another each of us will face a crisis that, at its source, stems from a damaged hard drive."