Everything you know about enterprise security is wrong

Rob Enderle

Applying Theory to Physical Security
Think of our homes, businesses, schools and government agencies. These structures are largely designed to make it hard for people to get in, but once people get inside the perimeter, defenses are pathetic. The mass killings on school campuses, that poor woman I mentioned above and even the Edward Snowden breach all showcased that perimeter security is not only inadequate for electronic defenses, it is inadequate for physical ones as well.

Schools and businesses should have trackers that identify people who don't belong or don't belong where they have gone. They should have microphones that pick the sounds of gunfire or a person screaming for help and automatically trigger a response much like a fire alarm does if it senses smoke or fire. As with electronic security, people need to become part of the solution rather than part of the problem. We need to report suspicious activity and know what to do if we find ourselves in the middle of a crime.

You can't simply rely on the police or electronic security anymore. We have to step up and empower people to help protect themselves and others around them.

And this isn't just for company campuses, as the attacks on Google and Apple employees here in California showcased (even Google customers have been attacked here), we need to think about what might happen should our employees be put at risk going to or from work. The world has changed. It is more hostile, and we need to change how we electronically and physically protect those things dear to us or accept becoming an ugly part of a bad statistic.

It's Time to Rethink Security
I think it is well past time we rethought both the physical and electronic methods we use to protect our firms and homes. McAfee/Intel's approach electronically makes a ton of sense to me, but it doesn't address physical security. The concept of an Arcology does, but even that may not go far enough and there are a number of efforts underway to rebuild our society into safer harbors using that concept.

What I'm suggesting, though, is that you take a moment and think about physical security and how well you are protected against a disgruntled armed attacker inside your firm or your home and what you and your people should do if that kind of attack happens on your watch. We tend to think in terms of physical or electronic protection, but we need to be thinking and instead.

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