Flight MH370 includes 12 Malaysian Freescale staff, and KL-based IBM executive


M370 measured data against predicted tracks (2)

- The blue line is the burst frequency offset measured at the ground station for MH370.
- The green line is the predicted burst frequency offset for the southern route, which over the last 6 handshakes show close correlation with the measured values for MH370.
- The red line is the predicted burst frequency offset for the southern route, which over the last 6 handshakes does not correlate with the measured values for MH370.

Example of Southern Tracks::

Example Southern Tracks (3)


Hishamuddin: New satellite images show '122 potential objects'

[0530 pm MYT, Wednesday 26 March 2014] Minister Hishamuddin's update from PWTC also included the Chief Aviation Azharuddin Abdul Rahman.

Hishamuddin's statement included the following points:

- The search for MH370 by a multinational team continued today in the southern Indian Ocean. Malaysia will not give up on its search for the aircraft.

- There is a new lead consisting of four new satellite images from France (23rd March 2014) focused on a 440 sq metre area about 2,557 km from Perth, which showed 122 potential objects, according to analysis by MRSA. "The objects ranged in size from 1m to 23m. We can not yet tell if these objects are related to MH370."

These four satellite images will also help reduce the search zone (divided into east and west sectors) led by Australia.

Satellite images (4 images) MH370 modified

A satellite photo, showing the locations and coordinates of unknown objects reported by the Malaysian Remote Sensing Agency in the Indian Ocean. (Photograph: Handout/Reuter)

"Malaysia continues to play a coordinating role. All countries are showing an 'unprecedented level of cooperation,' continued Hishamuddin. Twelve aircraft are searching the area. The Australian ship HMAS Success is in the west sector and the Chinese ice breaker, Snow Dragon is in the east sector.

He said the Malaysian prime minister Najib met with envoys from China -  including His Excellency Zhang Yesui -  to reassure them of Malaysia's commitment. AAIB also briefed the envoys on the new information, which was announced by the PM Najib on Sunday night at 10.00 pm MYT.

Malaysia Airlines is continuing to communicate with the families and is holding its own announcements, he said.

With the improved weather in the southern Indian Ocean, Hishamuddin said the search has resumed.

The Q&A period included:

- Not many countries in the world can get 26 countries to work together with the most sophisticated equipment, said Hishamuddin in response to a question about Malaysia's handling of the crisis from certain media. "History will judge as well."

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