Flight MH370 includes 12 Malaysian Freescale staff, and KL-based IBM executive


[04.00 pm MYT, Monday 10 March 2014]  Malaysia's Defence and Transport Minister Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussein confirmed no trace of trace of the aircraft has yet been found. He said the Chinese delegation has arrived and have made positive comments about the conduct of the search and rescue operation so far.

The most recent reports of a sighting of yellow object in the waters by Vietnamese forces has not been confirmed. The stolen passports are under investigation with various agencies.

In response to a question from the media, Hussein dismissed an open letter from a group, calling itself the ‘China Martyr Brigade’, that claimed responsibility. “I have seen the open letter. I don’t think there is any sound ground that it is true."

He said we are investigating all allegations but the focus remains on locating the aircraft and that no possibilities are being ruled out.

[08.00pm local MYT, Monday, 10 March 2014]  The official media conference included the following points by Civil Aviation Director-General Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman who said:

- Oil slick sample: Azharuddin has confirmed that oil sample from the oil slicks, which was tested by MMEA's Petaling Jaya laboratory this afternoon, is not from an aircraft and is not linked to the missing flight MH370.

- Debris: Spotted by Vietnamese search and rescue is being checked.

- Stolen passports: One of the two passengers who had boarded the missing MH370 aircraft using stolen passports have been identified, according to Malaysia's Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar, speaking at Kajang police headquarters earlier to media. “We cannot link the missing aircraft with terrorism activities yet but let us investigate all possibilities.”

Commenting on this, Azharuddin said all security protocols had been followed. The two passengers with stolen passports are "not Asian looking men."

From tomorrow morning and for the following days, the search area is to be be expanded beyond 100km and will include land on the west coast of Malaysia, he said. "It is very important that we find the aircraft first."

 Day Four

[08.30 pm local time MYT, Tuesday 11 March 2014]
The international search and rescue team is continuing its efforts and widened its search zone. So far there are no verified signs of the aircraft.

- Some families of Chinese national passengers of the flight have started arriving in Malaysia. Chinese speaking counsellors are being sought to support the families. So far, there are only 11 Chinese speaking counsellors among the 47 on duty.

Day Five: contradictory reports?

[9.30am, local time MYT, Wednesday 12 March 2014]

- Traces of MH340: At the time of writing, sightings of oil slicks and possible debris are not linked to the missing flight.

- Last signal from MH340: Initially it was announced by authorities that the Subang air traffic control's last link with the craft was 2.40am Saturday 8 March 2014 has been revised to 1.30am on the same day.

- "Turn back" : According to local media, the Malaysian military said radar evidence showed the missing Boeing 777 jetliner changed  course and made it to the Malacca Strait.  Malaysian military radar (Malaysias Air Force Butterworth) detected the craft near the island of Pulau Perak off the west coast – hundreds of kilometres north-west of Kuala Lumpur – at 2.40am; the time first indicated by Malaysia Airlines.

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