Fortinet Malaysia claims industry breakthrough with 1 Tbps firewall


FortinetMY Country Manager, Michelle Ong modified 

Photo - Michelle Ong, Country Manager, Fortinet Malaysia


Fortinet Malaysia said it is the first network security provider to exceed 1 terabit per second [Tbps] throughout performance with its new FortiGate 5144C solution.

Michelle Ong, Fortinet Malaysia country manager, said this industry breakthrough will especially benefit carriers and enterprise data centres to deliver better big data, cloud, infrastructure and software as service platforms.

"Major market drivers, such as big data, cloud-based services and the explosion of Software as a Service translates to data centres needing exceptionally fast and secure security platforms to protect their applications and data," said Ong.

"Others have claimed to have the fastest firewall, but no other vendor has actually delivered this level of performance and security, which enables customers to build out their data centres for the future, knowing that their firewalls will not be a choke point," she said, adding that the new solution offered 10GbE, 40GbE and 100GbE connectivity options. T

"This firmly positions the FortiGate 5144C as the world's fastest firewall, making it the ideal security solution for carriers, service providers and large-scale enterprises in Malaysia who have the most demanding performance and scalability requirements for network security, and who want unparalleled versatility and flexibility in delivering high performance data, application and network protection to their customers and users," said Ong.

FortiGate 5000 Series

Ong said the new FortiGate 5000 Series was Fortinet's flagship, chassis and blade firewall platform and was constructed for large scale enterprise data centre and carrier-class environments.

The FortiGate 5000 series included fully redundant, hot-swappable power supplies, fans and firewall blades for maximum uptime, she said. "The new 5000 Series includes a new chassis - the FortiGate 5144C, new controller networking blades (5903C/5913C) and new security blades (5001D) that use the latest NP6 network processor to deliver 40 Gbps firewall throughput per ASIC."

Ong added that compared with off-the-shelf processors used by other vendors, the "NP6 ASIC was a revolutionary, low-power design that produced unparalleled firewall throughput (40Gbps) as well as 2-3microsecond latency."

"Coupled with native IPv4 and IPv6 traffic processing, the NP6 is ideally suited for next-generation networks. By running fourteen 5001D security blades concurrently, today's 5000 Series delivers more than 1 Tbps firewall throughput," she said.

Frost & Sullivan senior industry analyst, Chris Rodriguez, said, "The industry is facing a massive change as businesses and consumers demand applications and services to be delivered instantly.  Just as important is the fact that security must play an active role in this new paradigm of delivering X as a service."

"By delivering firewall performance at the one terabit per second threshold, Fortinet helps ensure new services can be added into the future and delivered without sacrificing security or performance," said Rodriguez,

 Blades and FortiController

Ong said the FortiGate 5001D Blades delivered the core security capabilities to the new 5000 Series. "These represent the 5th generation process boards that can process 100 Gbps throughput.  Each 5001D blade embeds two FortiASIC NP6 processors.  This provides full next-generation firewall capabilities, including: deep packet inspection, IPS, application control, web content filtering and more."

"Also, because of Fortinet's unique VDOM technology, multiple virtual instances can run concomitantly, giving MSSPs and carriers the ability to offer thousands of dedicated NGFW capabilities to their customers," she said.

In addition, data centres and telecom infrastructures that need 100 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity would be served by the new FortiController-5913C controller blade, said Ong.  

"The FortiController-5913C is an Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA) compliant session-aware load balancing hub/switch that distributes traffic to a maximum of 14 FortiGate-5001D blades within the new 5000-series chassis fabric backplane," she said, adding that this would be available in quarter four while those companies that require only 40 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity could use the now-available FortiController-5903C Controller.

The new FortiGate 5000 Series - complete with the new 5144C Chassis, 5903C Controller and 5001D security blades are available this quarter from authorised Fortinet channel partners.