How to crowdsource your way to better security

Sharon Florentine

"We anticipated a need to educate and overcome barriers to entry, but instead we've found that companies from even the most regulated and conservative industries are adopting Synack enthusiastically," Kaplan says.

Hydra technology

Of course, even hundreds of dedicated security pros can't work fast enough to handle every possible exploit. Networks, software and applications are just too complex -- and hackers too good -- for that, especially at a large enterprise scale. Synack's new Hydra technology works in conjunction with SRT and with clients' internal security to speed the process of identifying threat vectors so they can be patched, at scale.

Hydra's continuous monitoring capabilities are designed to streamline the SRT's reconnaissance phase of the testing process, allowing them to test faster and deeper across large enterprise assets without jeopardizing quality. This optimal pairing of man and machine is a unique approach to combating the real and ongoing threat of compromise that the enterprise faces on a daily basis -- strategically pitting a solution that leverages advanced technology to scale researcher intelligence against the threat of skilled black hat hackers.

The Hydra platform offers three subsets of functionality -- host monitoring, Web application analysis and mobile application analysis -- all of which will be released in phases. Host monitoring capabilities became available to Synack customers last month, with Web and mobile testing capabilities to be released in the first half of 2016. Hydra technology is a SaaS offering, so there is no physical or virtual appliance to install, no software to deploy and no physical infrastructure to acquire and maintain, says Kaplan.

"Our clients already saw the value of having these researchers at work for them, but we started to question how to effectively scale the service to complex, vast enterprises and keep SRT productive. With Hydra, we can leverage the depth and breadth of human experience and skills and rely on machines for replicating tasks to make everything faster and more efficient," says Kaplan.

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