How to recognise the cyber insider threat

Hamish Barwick

However, Blair said that more companies need to recognise there is a potential for an insider threat.

"The Australian banking industry is starting to conduct extreme cyber scenario planning as part of their regulatory requirements. In doing so, banks are considering the worst case scenarios that could occur."

For example, he said banks are conducting audit reports and risk assessments to see how secure their internal systems are.

Speaking to Computerworld Australia in July, cyber forensic investigator Nick Klein from Klein & Co warned that rogue employees will do anything to get sensitive information ranging from photocopying documents to copying information into their Google Mail email account.

"It's tricky because companies are using Gmail or other [cloud] email services as part of their normal business operations. It's getting harder to investigate [IP theft] because people are sending all of these services out to the cloud," he said.

"The question we ask people is: If you have Google Drive, what kind of backups do you have? Executives look at their IT guys and say, `We've got backups, right?' And the IT guys will reply that they haven't implemented that yet."

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