Malaysia Airlines website hijacked, CyberSecurity Malaysia confirms


"Often large corporations and government entities have a highly secured security infrastructure in place as there are sensitive files and data being shared within their network," said Sieng Chye, malware researcher for Slovak company ESET. "Depending on the profile of the attackers, it could be a harmless attempt to test their skills and gain admiration from the hacking community. However there are also cyber professionals with malicious intent such as sabotaging or stealing information to make a point or turn a profit. In fact, much of the cybercrime today is being orchestrated by organised crime rings."

"A good security system will enable an organisation to monitor for malicious activities and prevent attacks. It is also crucial to have proper back up of sensitive and critical data, and being vigilant of online activities," said Chye.

"Organisations also have to understand that their employees are their first line of defence. Security policies should be implemented in the workplace and employers need to properly educate their employees on cybersecurity and the risks that exist with certain online activities. The more interesting target you are for the criminals, the more you should care about proper training for the security personnel. Ideally, there should be a team of experts or security system that is constantly monitoring the network perimeter."

"In Asia Pacific, the large number of internet users makes this region an increasingly attractive target for cybercriminals," he added. "Economic growth within Asia Pacific, as well as Singapore and Hong Kong’s status as major financial hubs for the region, make them prime targets for attackers."

"We see Bring-Your-Own-Devices (BYOD) gaining popularity across Asia Pacific, with increasing organizations investing in more mobile-focused security policies. This is crucial as BYOD can make organizations more vulnerable to cyber attacks," said Chye. "Another issue is the rise in ransomware breaches, which is a key issue for businesses and consumers. One way this can happen is users unknowingly use a compromised server or browsing affected websites. Once this happens, attackers will prohibit access to the users’ data. They will withhold the users’ data and will only return access once their ransom demands are met."

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