Malaysia among top countries in 'massive' underground hacked server market, says Kaspersky Lab


Kaspersky Lab list

Table - (above) from Kaspersky Lab's study reveals some of the countries most affected.

"Its existence makes it easier than ever for everyone, from low-skilled malicious attackers to nation-state backed APTs to engage in potentially devastating attacks in a way that is cheap, fast and effective," he said.

"The ultimate victims are not just the consumers or organizations targeted in an attack, but also the unsuspecting owners of the servers: they are likely to be completely unaware that their servers are being hijacked again and again for different attacks, all conducted right under their nose," said Raiu.

Kaspersky Lab has issued an advisory, which asked   organisations to:
- Install a robust security solution as part of a comprehensive, multi-layered approach to IT infrastructure security
- Enforce the use of strong passwords as part of the server authentication process
- Implement a continuous process of patch management
- Undertake a regular security audit of the IT infrastructure
- Consider investing in threat intelligence services which will keep the organisation informed of emerging threats and offer an insight into the criminal perspective to help them assess their level of risk.

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