Malaysian organisations must adopt more sophisticated security, IDC says



Photo_Shyne-Song Chuang, Program Director, Cross-Pillar, IDC Asia Pacific modified 

Photo - Shyne-Song Chuang, Program Director, Cross-Pillar, Security and Technology Advisory Service Research Group, IDC Asia Pacific.

"Investment in advanced security is important on the journey to the 3rd Platform, where organisations will need to use more layers of security, as well as leverage new approaches and solutions born in the 3rd Platform, not forgetting to integrate them back into the existing security infrastructure," said Chuang Shyne-Song, program director, cross-pillar, security and technology advisory service research Group, IDC Asia/Pacific.

With the 3rd Platform driving the security needs, IDC forecasted that the overall security market in Malaysia will grow at 5-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.0 percent, in which the security software to grow at 9.8 percent and the security appliance at 16.8 percent

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