Meeting the critical infrastructure challenge: Fortinet Malaysia


Fortinet Malaysia Country Manager, Michelle Ong 

Photo - Michelle Ong, Malaysia Country Manager, Fortinet, Inc.


Networking security specialist Fortinet Malaysia has launched a new range of industrial-grade network, security and wireless devices to help better secure critical infrastructure in rugged environments.

Fortinet Malaysia country manager Michelle Ong said the expanded line of devices for industrial customers was the only integrated solution that would operate in harsh physical conditions,

The release of the FortiGate Rugged 60D, FortiGate Rugged 90D, FortiAP 222C and FortiSwitch 112D-PoE builds on the company's foray into critical infrastructure markets with these four new 'rugged' products, which are purpose-built to meet the demanding standards of public utilities, oil and gas, mining, manufacturing and the transportation industries, said Ong, adding the company has now secured seven of the top 10 global petroleum refiners and six of the top 10 global utilities.

"Vital systems such as utilities and manufacturing face harsh conditions and a proliferation of new attacks that pose numerous threats to public well-being and safety," said Ong. "Addressing these unique problems, Fortinet's new rugged products enable customers to reduce the risk of catastrophic security incidents to critical infrastructure that could put public health and safety in jeopardy."

 "The dangers to our critical infrastructure from foreign and domestic cyber-attacks have increased dramatically in recent years. No sector is without exposure. Electric power generation and distribution, transportation, water, oil and gas just to name a few," said Steve Keefe, president of Patriot Technologies. "Fortinet's 'Rugged' line makes it possible to apply enhanced levels of security in some of the most demanding environments, enabling better visibility, manageability and control to our countries critical assets and security."

 Unique security issues

Fortinet's Ong said that critical infrastructure and other businesses that use industrial control systems face unique and growing security issues. Threats have evolved into highly sophisticated and targeted assaults leveraging multiple attack vectors to penetrate networks and steal valuable information. These include disruption of critical services, environmental damage and prospective widespread harm.

In addition, distributed critical infrastructure was often in physically inaccessible places with lack connectivity, and subject to extreme climate and other limitations, she said. Traditional security solutions are often not suitable for harsh conditions. 

Fortinet's rugged and outdoor products were industrially-hardened appliances that could deliver enterprise-class connectivity and security for critical control systems facing malicious attacks, as well as extreme weather and other demanding physical environments, said Ong.