MyInfo available to all SingPass users by December

Nurdianah Md Nur

Identity under magnifying glass
Credit: Storyblocks

All registered SingPass users will be automatically enrolled in MyInfo by December this year, the Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech) announced today (27 September 2017).

Since MyInfo stores users' basic personal details, users will only need to authenticate their identity via SingPass before those details are automatically filled on online forms used to interact with government agencies. This eliminates the need for users to repeatedly provide and verify those details every time they perform a transaction.

Users can also authorise certain private sector entities to use their MyInfo profile to pre-fill forms. However, the release of financial information such as income tax or central provident fund (CPF) statements will require an extra layer of consent from users.

According to GovTech, this move is a step towards an enhanced National Digital Identity, in which users only need a single digital identity to transact with both the government and private sectors.

MyInfo is currently available on 24 digital government services, including applications for new flats and the Baby Bonus Scheme. The Singapore government aims to roll it out for 140 more digital services such as applying for SkillsFuture by 2018.

As for the private sector, MyInfo has been adopted by four banks since May this year. So far, 19 digital services are using it, such as applications for credit cards and the opening of new bank accounts.

The government plans to extend MyInfo to more locally registered business in future to help them improve digital user experiences.