NEC introduces real-time, high speed facial recognition suite in Malaysia


Neoface in Malaysia modified 

Photo - Andrew Lee, Managing Director, NEC Corporation of Malaysia


IT systems firm NEC Corporation of Malaysia has introduced its NeoFace facial recognition portfolio in Malaysia during the Public Safety & Internal Security Asia 2014 event held in Kuala Lumpur during August 2014.

The NeoFace suite includes a forensic application called NeoFaceReveal, which allows the capture of facial images from photographs and crime scenes, and which are enhanced and encoded for matching against a mugshot repository, said NEC Corporation of Malaysia's managing director Andrew Lee.

In addition, Lee said the suite has NeoFace Watch, designed for operational security users, which integrates with existing video surveillance systems and works by extracting faces in real-time from cameras, instantaneously matching them against a watchlist of individuals to trigger an alert.

He said the facial recognition technology was built on a modified Generalised Learning Vector Quantization (GLVQ) algorithm that allows high speed and high accuracy facial detection and facial features extraction.

The technology has already been used worldwide for security purposes such as for CCTV surveillance, border control, law enforcement, and immigration control. Lee added that the company's face recognition technology has attracted the highest performance evaluation in the recent Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) 2014 performed by the U.S National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

"NEC Corporation of Malaysia is committed to developing innovative public safety solutions that will contribute towards the public sector and related industries in Malaysia," said Lee.

"Our expertise and experience includes successful deployment of facial recognition and biometric technologies for governments and businesses globally. Through our sophisticated technologies that can provide the needed intelligence to counter security threats, we look forward to working with security and government agencies to ensure the safety of the individual and community," he said.