Security suites: Choosing the best one for you

Preston Gralla

Web dashboard
Many suites include a Web "dashboard" -- a central site that, ideally, lets you monitor and adjust features across all your covered devices.

At a minimum, dashboards serve as a way to install the different modules on your different devices. Some go beyond merely that and also show you the security state of all of the devices on which you've installed the suite, including the last time the devices were scanned and the results of that scan. Others can also be used to locate a stolen phone or remotely wipe it -- or even to remotely scan devices for malware.

Future security needs
For now, security suites don't include coverage of other operating systems such as Linux or Chrome OS. And they have not yet expanded to protect the vague-sounding Internet of Things -- increasingly popular Internet-connected devices such as thermostats, fire and smoke detectors, networked sound systems or even cars.

As more appliances and other everyday devices become Internet-connected, they'll become increasingly vulnerable to security threats. It's logical to expect that security suites may one day encompass them as well.

Security suites:

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