Strengthening online identity authentication: e-Lock interview


They were impressed by the capabilities and the range of usages that TheGRID Beacon provides; it is then decided to replace the existing non smartphone mobile authentication system with TheGRID Beacon.  TheGRID Beacon is implemented as an interactive Multi-factor Authentication and Transaction Approval solution.  It does more than authentication as it is also used in transactions approval initiated via the users' smartphone.  SSNB has up to now implemented TheGRID Beacon to be used for up to 22 of their internet banking application services. 

The implementation went through an extremely rigorous testing by the Bank within different types of smartphones but we managed to complete the implementation within a month.  They got to know about TheGRID Beacon when it was introduced to them by one of our Japanese business partners.   We have a significant presence in Japan being there for more than 10 years, with an office in Tokyo, multiple business partners and with over 300 customers

What are the top three things that people should take away about TheGRID Beacon solution?

a. TheGRID Beacon solution is a tried and tested solution that provides users with an important 2nd layer of protection for their online accounts.  During the implementation in the Japanese Bank, the solution went through a rigorous testing process and is now in full use by the bank's customers.

b. Most importantly the solutions provides superior protection to users' account as it empowers the end user to fully control whether their online accounts is active or totally switched off using their registered mobile device.  Also as the users account is always in an off state, this prevents any access by unauthorized parties.

c. The total cost of ownership for TheGRID Beacon solution is comparatively low compared to other two-factor authentication solutions such as tokens.  Usage of tokens as a two-factor authentication solution can be costly due to the need to purchase the token hardware and also the constant need to replace the batteries.

In addition, we have been developing Award winning IT security solutions since 1996 and we have more than 17 years of experience in protecting enterprises.  In the year 2007 TheGRID won PIKOM's Product of the Year award and in the 2000 our File Integrity Monitoring Solution product, WebAlarm, was awarded the Pikom-Computimes Internet Application of the Year.  WebAlarm is a solution developed to deliver advanced real-time and continuous file integrity monitoring at bit level to protect files from unauthorized changes and it also offers automatic recovery of files. Solutions that we offer such as TheGRID and WebAlarm are designed and developed to ensure that organizations of all sizes are effectively protected against today's ever changing threat landscape.   These solutions have found acceptance in more than more than 500 organizations of all sizes in Japan, Taiwan, China and Malaysia.

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