Tackling the ASEAN infosecurity skills gap: CyberSecurity Malaysia, EC-Council


CyberSecurity Malaysia ASEAN workshop 

Photo - Dr. Amirudin Abdul Wahab, CEO of CyberSecurity Malaysia (right) and Datuk J.L. Solomon, Advisor, Strategic Business Development of EC-Council (left) sealed an agreement to organise ASEAN CCISO Workshop 2015.


National infosecurity specialist CyberSecurity Malaysia and global technical certification security organisation EC-Council have announced a four-day information security certification programme to upskill ASEAN's infosecurity leadership.

The  ASEAN Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCSIO)  Workshop 2015, will be held in Kuala Lumpur 17-20 November 2015, said EC-Council executive director Danish Arshad.

"Information security is an industry that evolved as a reactive measure to the evolution of cybercrime and fraud," said Arshad. "However, with colossal implications of information security breaches to organisations and countries in general, it is high time for information security to be a proactive element of organisations. [This is an opportunity to] gather the movers and shakers of information security within ASEAN organizations in a single platform and enable them to build a proactive information security maturity roadmap leading to greater info security sustainability."

"The biggest challenge in ASEAN countries now is the lack of focused leadership for information security within organisations," he added. "It translates to a drastically low number of CISO (Chief Information Security Officers) within the government and corporate sectors."

"It also create individual silos within organisations of various departments all contributing to information security but working independently which leads to the gaps in the information security ecosystem which cyber criminals exploit," Arshad said.

 Current threats

 CyberSecurity Malaysia chief executive officer Dr Amirudin Abdul Wahab said the national agency was  supporting the workshop as it would help address threats facing the information security industry, especially the shortage in certified cyber security professionals.

"The CCISO certification programme not only enable the prospective information security leaders to enhance their technical knowledge on areas like information security risk management, controls, auditing, core concepts and competencies but also focuses on areas which are extremely integral but often not catered for information security leaders such has information security governance, compliance, regulations, information security leadership, project management, operations and most importantly information security planning and finance." said Dr Amirudin.

The main mentor and instructor for this workshop will be the EC-Council's lead CCISO instructor, Keyaan Williams, based in the U.S., who has more than 15 years of professional experience in Information Security Management field. \

 More information can be obtained at :  ciso.eccouncil.org/ciso-events/asean-ciso-workshop/