The "always-on" business needs quick recovery: Veeam

Patrick Budmar

The "always-on" business may be commonplace nowadays, but Veeam claims it is not without its pitfalls.

Software strategy specialist, Rick Vanover, said this new approach has resulted in an increased emphasis on availability and protection in the datacentre.

"When things go wrong, there needs to be a quick way to solve that with rapid recovery," he said.

Vanover adds in today's high pace business environment, everybody is "done with pointing fingers on what is wrong" and are more interested in restoring in a timely manner.

"What we want is to make it right, and it needs to be done quick," he said.

The cost of offline
The challenge Vanover sees with an always-on business is not having enough solutions and tools to maintain it, as well as the staff competency and knowledge to avoid data loss.

"We've set a recovery objective of 15 minutes at datacentres," he said.

"When we talk to business owners, they tell us they want their operation to be restored just as quickly."

To illustrate to importance of a quick recovery, Vanover points to Veeam's Virtualisation Data Protection Report 2013, which found the average cost per hour of downtime is over US$300,000.

"With the average outage lasting for around five hours, it's easy to see why organisations want to recover and avoid that potential $1.5m pitfall," he said.