Trend Micro's new security features for Malaysian Office 365 users


Goh Chee Hoh, Managing Director for Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, T... modified 

Photo - Goh Chee Hoh, Managing Director for Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.


Malaysian subscribers to Microsoft Office 365 will have new and enhanced security capabilities to guard against data loss and advanced malware attacks, said security solutions firm Trend Micro.

Trend Micro managing director for Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, Goh Chee Hoh, said, "Our history with Microsoft runs deep, and our approach to providing customers with sound security-enhanced options will help users achieve the full benefits and returns on investment [ROIs] that the cloud has to offer."

"This complementary approach to security will help enable Microsoft partners to address their customers' concerns so they can more effectively close deals," said Goh. "As the largest, pure-play security software provider, we are deeply committed to being innovators in cloud protection as adoption surges across global industries."

He said that Trend Micro's solutions help to protect Microsoft environments with multi-layered threat and data protection that include endpoints, Web and email.

Goh added that channel partner's will be able to offer these additional solutions for Microsoft Office 365 as part of the Trend Micro Smart Protection Complete suite.

This interconnected set of security offerings delivers protection at endpoint, application and network levels to protect users with the broadest range of anti-malware capabilities available to thwart attacks such as Citadel, Luuuk, SpyEye and ZeuS, he said. "The suite helps organisations to tailor their defence based on their own business requirements with flexible on-premise, cloud and hybrid deployment models as they transition to the cloud."

"The cloud lets businesses stay focused on their customers and profits, rather than worrying about the limitations of lengthy deployment processes or outdated technology," said Microsoft general manager, Kim Akers "Companies like Trend Micro have a breadth of knowledge about data security that helps secure cloud applications, and complement our solutions."